Secrets To Clear Skin, No Makeup Required.

Secrets To Clear Skin, No Makeup Required.

What if I told you, you could get clearer skin without having to spend an arm and a leg?

Exfoliate: EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! Exfoliation is crucial for achieving smooth, youthful, glowing, bright skin. An exfoliator is used to remove dead skin cells, aid in discoloration, dry patches, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. I recommend using a facial scrub at least twice a week.

Drink more water: This is the most important tip on this list. It is crucial to keep hydrated, and maintain the balance of body fluids. Water keeps your skin looking fresh, glowing, and bright. Dehydration causes breakouts, which leads to the skin feeling overcompensated, causing the skin to produce more oil than necessary. Water brings skin moisture to the complexion, especially now in the wintertime when the skin experiences dryness due to cold weather. Water reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, as well as puffiness, and darkness under the eyes.

Change your pillowcase regularly: Imagine being outside all day, and all the dirt, and debris in your hair, and on your face – your pillowcase will begin to take it all in. This causes acne, so it is important to change your pillowcase as often as possible!

Keep hands away from your face: This is a bad habit for a lot of people. Touching your face spreads bacteria that seep into your pores causing acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. This lead to infections, and scarring as well.

Makeup-free days: It is important to let your skin breathe as often as possible; this will lessen the opportunity to breakouts.

Cool showers: Take cooler showers. Try to refrain from taking hot showers; as it can strip your skin of natural oils, and dry your skin giving it the appearance of older, lifeless skin. Instead, take lukewarm showers.

Healthy eating: Healthy eating keeps you fit and healthy, but the benefits don’t stop there. Many foods have the key to fixing specific issues in the body. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables have powerful wrinkle-fighting agents to healthy fats in fish, which can give you a slim waist, but also a clear complexion. Now ask yourself, is the food you’re eating helping or hurting your skin?

Exercise: It is key to staying healthy and keeping your skin clear. By exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, you will aid in removing harmful toxins from the body, and maintain clear skin.

These are just a few of many tips to healthy, clear, glowing skin. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!


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